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About Genece expressing stillness, beauty
& grace through art & design

Art is my sanctuary.
I am driven to paint;
to deisgn; to empty out.

I was born in Alton, IL in 1951. At a young age, I discovered a passion for color, design and innovation. Oddly though, I did not discover I had fine arts talent until I was in my late 50s. Throughtout my career, most of my creative talents were used in the business of branding and marketing communications.

The other thing I discovered as a young woman was a genuine love for adventure, philosophy, the outdoors and the human spirit. I valued learning and self discovery...

  • Felt a deep connection to Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Call of the Wild by Jack London, and The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and many other great classics. Discovered early that i was drawn to books dealing with philosophical thought or the human spirit when tested.

  • Loved writing book reports and speaking in front of class ... always included visuals in all of my reports. I loved writing about great men and women who were heroic and deeply humane. One of my reports was on Dr. Jonas Salk (polio vaccine) and as an adult, I had the honor of working at The Salk Institute and meeting him. I found him to be profoundly humble.

  • Hiking became a passion in my early 30s when a male friend took me hiking in the Tetons and Glacier Nat'l Park. He taught me how to survive and even left me on my own for three days. Best life lesson!

  • Became a self-taught digital illustrator & painter, discovered I had a talent for digital art in the mid-80s ... in the earliest days of the Mac & PC. In my commercial career, I spent years designing logos, posters, brochures, flyers, wrote speeches and created powerpoint displays, and so much more!

  • Took a lot of personal growth workshops in my 30s. However, I learned the most about myself through writing and art retreats vs. listening to others tell me how to be.

  • Loved taking magazine images of interest and pasting them onto construction paper, creating my own unique layout. I used these as a way of visualizing my goals.

  • Played with an Etch-A-Sketch for years as a youth, challenging myself to draw pictures with curves and shapes.

  • Played dress up in my Mother's closet ... specifically I was in love with high heels (still am and it is why I paint and design them :-) 

  • Loved to dance -- in particular, I loved interpretive dance ... the art of storytelling through rhythm and movement.

  • Remember taking my Mother's perfume box and totally transforming it into a different type of packaging -- pasting beautiful, expressive words & images about the perfume I cut out of magazines.

My creative process expands and evolves through the daily discipline of digital painting, illustration, and design. It is not the "digital" medium by which I have chosen to express myself that makes me an artist. It is a way of life. It is a way of moving through the world; aware of all the beauty that exists and a strong desire to connect with the feminine and sensual.

Prior to becoming a fine artist and designer in 2007, I was a branding and marketing communications consultant. I am grateful for all of the opportunities I was given and the joy of helping so many businesses and individuals define and design a brand image and identity. However,  I knew it was time to open a new door. Intuitively, I committed to the life of being a full time artist, designer and illustrator.

My passion for self-discovery led me to many interesting adventures that I believe is revealed in my artwork. I have accomplished a great deal of my deepest dreams that were not a means to an end. For me, they were always a part of my spiritual and personal journey. From tightrope walking to hiking in the mountains, from spiritual exploration to deep personal reflection, I channel all of the imagery my mind photographed into what I choose to paint or illustrate.

Having lived in many places that were either resort communnities or remote (island life), land and seascapes feel the most natural for me to paint since I spent most of my time in both. And, amongst all of these great experiences, having a personal style that relfected my adventures played as much a role as my love for the outdoors. At heart, I am a fashionista and don't stop at painting to express my love for color and texture. It shows in how I style myself daily.

In the past seven years, the journey wasn't only about art, design and writing. From that year until 2015, my father, mother, step-father, step-mother, two beloved cats, my sister's beloved dog, my brother's beloved dog, and my aunt all passed away. I was a full-time caregiver for my mother and helped care for my father and step-mother, as well as my aunt before their deaths. I can't even put into words what all of this in a few short years has done to my soul. Only that each and every day, I fight to regain a sense of who I am outside of caregiving. Art is a part of that journey for sure!

Today, I'm living life one day at a time. I work on my daily commitments which include working out at the gym, clean eating and yoga practice.

Blessings, Genece L. Hamby

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