Welcome to my art

"When you reach the heart of life, you will find beauty in everything.” --Kahlil Gibran. ​​


In 2005, I began my journey as an artist and created Shibui Studio as my working space both online and offline. Shibui is a Japanese word that refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty.

"As a digital artist that starts all my paintings from a blank canvas, I love creating art that expresses the simplicity and complexity in landscapes, seascapes, and nature. I also love to paint the whimsical side of life through art while still expressing beauty. " --Genece Hamby

Words of a poet

"Facing the work of shaping words into poems expressive of the art deepens me. It nourishes and fulfills something, perhaps a life long yearning. The yearning to express, to create, to feel, to explore, to awaken, to listen from the heart, to touch through inspiration–all things that make me want to be here. Here with all the complexity and varying degrees of texture, color, sound and image expressing through me."