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about shibui studio

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Founded by local artist Genece Hamby, the gallery connects you with other local and regional artists.  With a wide variety of styles and mediums, the gallery offers art for every taste and budget. Plus, the gallery provides a friendly and personalized experience every time you walk in the door. Whether you are a first-time art buyer or an experienced collector, you can expect a warm and informative tour of new local art.

MISSION:  to promote and exhibit art produced by the region’s emerging and established artists while engaging, enriching, and inspiring the community to appreciate the importance of art.

VISION: Our vision is a community shaped and enhanced by the region’s artists, who reflect and influence our evolving, inclusive, and multifaceted culture.

VALUES: We believe in the power of artists and art, their impact, and the importance of:

  • engaging a diverse community through equity, inclusion, and accessibility

  • authenticity, creativity, and individual excellence

  • transparency and creative problem solving

  • empathy, civility, and respect 

  • mindfulness, intentionality, and thoughtfulness

  • collaboration and innovation

  • cultivating and supporting the next generation of artists.

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