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Saturday, Nov. 26th through Saturday, Dec. 31, 2022 a solo exhibition by artist & gallery owner, Genece Hamby. 

Come see Genece's new exhibit that explores the powerful synergy when art is created or influenced by stillness, beauty & grace. Art that reflects on the importance of slowing down and welcoming moments of quiet in a chaotic world. 

Stillness, Beauty & Grace 

Visit the gallery to see award-winning artist & gallery owner, Genece Hamby's newest body of work. The show will showcase nine paintings inspired by her artistic expression of "stillness, beauty & grace" through art and poetry.

In "Stillness, Beauty, & Grace", entering the secluded space that the artist has created, we are invited to consider our own conversations with the natural world in silence. Though Genece's body of work creates a strong sense of calm, each also displays a subtle sense of movement which enhances the piece when perceived. 

Over the years, people have followed Genece on Facebook and have become fans of her paintings. And some fans discovered her work from the years she sold art through art fairs, festivals and galleries.  Many became collectors of her early works. 

"This newest collection shows how much I've evolved as an artist and as a person. It shows how settling down into a quiet life, I have produced some of my most profound art." 

--Genece Hamby

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