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Our December 2022 exhibit was the

new works of SSAG founder and artist, Genece Hamby. The solo exhibit was

the inspiration for re-opening the space

in 2023 as an artist incubator, providing

artists with an opportunity to not only have a 2 to 6-week solo exhibition--but to have personal mentoring to help them grow professionally as artists.

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Stillness, Beauty & Grace 

Artist Incubator

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Shibui Studio Art Gallery is excited to announce the new gallery direction as an artist incubator -- a two to six-week solo exhibition opportunity for emerging artists plus participation in our incubator professional development program.

Shibui Studio Art Gallery & Artist Incubator

The artist incubator program helps artists develop their art career through one-on-one professional mentorship sessions and solo exhibition to showcase your work in our incubator studio gallery.

Incubator Artist Benefits

Artists will receive:

  • A two to six week solo exhibition in the incubator studio gallery featuring the art presented in your submitted proposal.

  • Six weeks of  professional mentoring from art and business experts (branding, how to write a compelling artist statement and other marketing communication tools, etc).

  • Ongoing participation in The Artist Incubator group workshops and presentations.

  • A public relations campaign to promote you and your art through our various print and social media channels.

Benefits of A Solo Exhibition:​

  • A solo exhibition forces you to think critically about your work and how others will interpret it.  It makes      you think about what ties the work together to tell a compelling story.

  • Builds excitement and positive energy around your profile and art.

  • Motivates and challenges you to create a series of works that are cohesive and based on a theme.

  • Gives you an opportunity to learn new skills in the ‘business’ of art (marketing, etc).

  • Allows you to test the market in real life -- hear feedback first hand, view what buyers are personally drawn to.

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