A Profound Expedition

This morning, I move through the falls, rapids, whirlpools and stoppers as I stream my consciousness. Sometimes, it requires substantial skill to negotiate the emotional levels that stretch across my soul.

As I keep writing, words appear un-dammed and the flow rises over the internal river that yearns to run the unknown distance yet to be explored. What words will bring internal joy in expression? What words can cause distress if I do not tread lightly keeping my head above water?

A series of scenic vertical uplift areas of my awakened state take a sharp left bend and mixes with swirling patterns formed and reformed. Upstream, the inner winds are calming. A dangerous ledge widening across vast consciousness thankfully does not pull me over a nasty drop of the mind’s roughest edge.

Through the deep, protected wilderness of towering strength and an eagle with penetrating eyes as an escort, I squeeze through the narrow canyons of my mind bypassing any turbulent eruptions. Fallen rocks, some from the oldest layers of my being, are strewn on my internal wind down the stream making it challenging and exciting. Tucked in a remote area of my heart, the calm paints the experience like green juniper and pine that stands contrast to red sandstone rocks looming over this inner domain.

Labyrinth and still water canyons call out to a solo wandering—to come to a place to meditate. To become one with the primitive and raw beauty viewed in this perceptive state of existence. Poetry of the wild unspoiled as it is meant to be—with deep reverence and care.

From here, I listen carefully to the needs of my soul’s most profound expedition that travels and explores. Words and visual art guides me over the white waters of my deepest emotions and I succumb quietly to the peace.

–genece hamby

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