Abandoned the Blog

Updated: Feb 25

I feel like I’ve abandoned this blog. It’s not been my intention. However, I’m not always sure what to write about since I’m not “issue” driven or for that matter, driven to make this known blog. For the most part, my life is much less about all of that and more about finding the spaces of quiet between the chaotic world.

For a lot of my friends, finding spaces of quiet happens through meditation. However, it doesn’t happen in meditation for me. Sure, I receive a lot of benefit when I do meditate in keeping me calm and connected. It’s just that I don’t particularly find the crevice of my expression during meditation. Instead, small openings to the deep place of stillness births from painting and writing poetry. That’s where and when I express the rhythmic connections that dance inside me.

Lately, the dance inside has become like a beautiful waltz. Working a farmer’s market has brought something different than showcasing and selling my art online. It’s a richer connection with people. It’s personal and delicious. There’s nothing quite like looking into the eyes of people who love and purchase my work. It brings a deeper confidence as an artist when I see their enthusiasm and feel their heart in the present moment. I find myself gazing back at them, wanting to know them and their talents. It’s joyful when I talk to them about who they are and what they love.

Perhaps I can re-establish a connection to this blog, treating it more like a friend than a marketing tool that everywhere I read tells me it’s supposed to be. I don’t know about you, but I personally am tired of “marketing machines” and “driving traffic”. There’s nothing worst than being stuck in a traffic jam or in heavy traffic that doesn’t seem to be moving.

–genece hamby

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