Beauty that Speaks for Itself

Updated: Feb 25

When you reach the heart of life, you will find beauty in everything.” Kahlil Gibran

“At the heart of life, I find a quiet place that reaches deep and wide in beauty, a softer, kinder inspiration appreciating delicate intricacies witnessed in everything. It is an open crevice yielding and moving within my soul in gracious manner. ” Genece Hamby

Of late, I am preparing for winter in my soul. Even though it is the early part of autumn, it’s a time where I begin the journey inward. Autumn dresses me in rich color and captivates my attention to the detail of beauty that shapes the season. When the leaves fall, that’s when I know it’s almost time — time to relax into the deepening of winter.

Winter means a quiet time of daily contemplation, a digging deeper into the state of joy, and a lot of time spent moved by the stirring art that will rise up and through me. I look forward to the season of winter as well, especially the cold mornings that sharply bite at my awareness.

Winter is when I write more — it’s when I play with words as companions to the deeper feelings that dance together seeking outer expression. I write in the mornings and create seasonal rituals with tea or coffee, hot oatmeal and my cat curled up warmed by my body heat (more like–I’m warmed by hers). I’m drawn to contemplative and meaningful conversation with friends, preferably over a glass of wine and a roaring fire (have to fantasize this since I don’t even have a fireplace). This is the time of year where I miss the community where I used to live on a small island in the Pacific Northwest.

For now, I’ll reap the harvest autumn’s palette, allowing the bolder brush strokes to give way to an exciting expression of life’s coloring book.

–genece hamby

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