Buddha Within

Buddha Within

Soft pillows of bliss carry my heart to the solitude of my soul.

Here, I rest in the sanctuary of stillness where there is only the sound of breath; deep welcoming energy flowing in and out of my spiritual domain.

I see heaven and earth, the moon and the stars within. Each cell twinkling like diamonds and shining inwardly as the heart fills with compassion and serenity.

Loving thoughts in a generous pocket of silence surrender to the divine sparkle.

How can I do anything but smile when I sit in such inner beauty? In this rich center of my core, there is endless space and illuminated peace that is present.

I can hear the sounds of sweet nectar as it works its way through the blood of my body; giving me life’s best moments. Forever in my heart, I give way to the glory.

That’s why I write and paint– to express the wisdom and spirit of Buddha within.

It is where I feel rooted by the still voice of awakening that shakes my existence and nourishes my inner branches. Leisurely, I rest amongst the trees of my own divine nature where I am liberated by the daily chaos of the world.

There is nothing as delicious and sacred as a kind and humble heart. No greater gift bestowed upon a soul than the honor of inner grace.

May the kind winds of grace carry you in life into your own inner sanctuary of stillness; to the Buddha within you.

–genece hamby

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