Champagne Bubbles


For me, play is not about the activity or the game. It is a state of mind, a way of “being” that is spontaneous and full of wonder. In fact, it is the foundation for all of my intimate relationships. Play is a great friend, a healer, a teacher and student, an open door to opportunities and synchronicities, an excellent path for creative invention and solving mysteries (our inner and outer world), a way to connect, an expression of love, a joyous opening for physical intimacy, a mood enhancement, and more.

I may go spiritually deep into my writing, teaching, poetry and art. However, it is all balanced with a healthy dose of good old fashioned laughter, play and yes — mischievous silliness. My expressions of joy bubble up like a fluted glass of champagne that produces smaller bubbles, which last longer as they release the flavor and aroma of life. Friends have said for years that I am like fine champagne. You know, I’m beginning to believe them 😉

P.S. Today’s post is in honor of my brother Dennis’ birthday. He was killed in an auto accident at 27. However, he loved champagne and was my biggest advocate (we shared having personalities like fine champagne). I’m sure wherever he is, he’s laughing and smiling at what I wrote. Happy Birthday Dennis!

–genece hamby

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