Changing Seas

Updated: Feb 25

Deep Sea

This is the final step of the sea at sunset. Yesterday, I added layers of color and blended them to create clouds over the two basic colors I started with in step one. Today, I complete the painting by creating a seaside of pinks, purples, deep blues and white. For details, I added boulders, a shoreline, and light of the sun. The colors in the painting were blended for completion.

Now, here’s the fun of digital painting. After finishing this piece of art, I played with some of the filters and color/image adjustments. When desaturating the color while playing around, the painting became a cool blue green sea with blue sky. A few finishing touches of color blending and additional brush strokes, this is the changing sea (all with the stroke of a brush and the click of a mouse). Same painting, different look thanks to technology:

BlueGreen Sea

–genece hamby

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