Cold and Windy

It’s cold, windy and I would rather be nesting than working. I don’t feel much like writing, painting or cleaning. However, of the three–cleaning is always an ongoing task as I prepare for my upcoming art show.

Last night I pulled out the acrylics to do some hand embellishments on several canvas pieces showing this weekend. I worked on them for awhile. Then, I couldn’t stop myself–took out a new blank 20×30 canvas, pulled out one of my favorite “fat” brushes and started painting. I mixed greens, golds and blues–allowing the colors to bleed into one another (more like dripping into one another from too much water on the brush). I just played and after about an hour, I stood back to get a good look at my creation (remember, I’m more comfortable with digital painting than traditional painting) and was surprised at the sheer beauty of what I painted. Soft, impressionable and still is the essence. Rich color in the land, deep hues of mossy green trees, against a golden pearl and soft blue sky.

This morning I looked at it again and am afraid to do anything else to it. Can it be completed like this–only a few colors and more abstract than anything I’ve ever done digitally? Maybe! I’ll have to sleep on it again to see how I feel tomorrow because today, I wouldn’t add another drop of color.

–genece hamby

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