Creating Clouds

Adding Clouds

In yesterday’s image, I started with two basic colors on the digital painting of a sea sunset. Today, I’ve added colorful clouds by layering yellow golds, deep purple, oranges and white. Literally, using the watercolor brush tool in Adobe Photoshop, I smear color and layer it. Once I layer a group of colors on top of each other, I use the dry brush filter in order to create an effect of clouds overlapping.

You can take a tutorial on Adobe’s website to learn the basic tools to use. Or, do what I did–just get in there and play with every tool to see what it does. Heck, you can also delete–one of the beauties of technology.

The key is to PLAY and have FUN!

Tomorrow, I’ll add the final detail to the ocean which will complete the painting. Stay tuned!

–genece hamby

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