Digital Painting Techniques

Updated: Feb 25

In the Beginning

Today, I painted the above using only two colors and a blank canvas. This is the first step in my digital painting techniques. Tomorrow, I will add the next layer of color, texture and detail so you can watch how the painting shapes into my unique style of digital art.

When completed, the painting will be an ocean landscape scene at sunset. Can you see it already in the choice of first two colors used?

Digital painting is primarily the willingness to explore and experiment with color, brush tools and filters. You don’t have to know how to draw or traditionally paint using oils/acrylics/watercolors in order to be successful at digital painting. You do need to be fairly familiar with using a computer and it helps if you’re adaptable to using different software programs.

Want to do this painting along with me? Download the image by right clicking and save the file. You will need to have Adobe Photoshop. Go ahead and start experimenting using this image. Or, wait until tomorrow and I’ll upload the next step on how to proceed along with the image to show what I mean.

Have fun! That’s how it began for me…experimenting and playing that turned into my own unique style of digital painting and techniques.

–genece hamby

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