Digital Painting Tutorial Begins

Whew! My fingers have been typing, typing, typing and my brain has been thinking, thinking, thinking! I wanted to have the first day of the 30 day tutorial up by this morning. Ha! It’s taken me until 4 pm CDT to get Day One completed. I tried making the document as clear to read as possible. I will admit you at least need to know computers and how to get around in a software program to do this tutorial. However, I really have tried to be as basic as possible and give as much beginner details as my brain could. I think if you stick with it and follow this through for the full 30 days you will get the hang of everything as time progresses.

Digital Painting for Beginners 30 Day Go-at-Your-Own-Pace Tutorial Using Corel Painter X and Adobe Photoshop Software

The name wasn’t to suggest that anyone taking the tutorial is a beginner. Mostly, the tutorial is for anyone–beginners and current users of the software. The first few days is mostly reading and studying the basics. Sorry, I believe it is important to learn the basic tools right up front. This will provide you with easier learning and a lot more fun when you move into experimenting and painting.

Each day, you will need to return to Atelierdigital to download the next lesson that always be a .pdf file. I will provide a link in the blog for the download. The password on all the .pdf’s is ‘intro’ — you’ll need this to open the documents. I do this for copyright purposes since I am submitting this to a major publisher (after editing is completed and revisions to prepare for commercial market). 

I’ve concentrated most of the tutorial on learning how to experiment with techniques of digital drawing and painting. After about the third of fourth day, the tutorial is highly interactive for the balance of the 30 days. Believe me, your creativity will get plenty of challenges and fun!

–genece hamby

Here’s the link to Day One .pdf file — don’t forget, the password is ‘intro’

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