Hanging On

Hanging On

wings wide and opened hanging on the branch a muse of color

inhales, exhales soft sounds breathe

nature’s fragile birth seeks a safe place to open the creative realm

Working on the book, Food for Thought, I’ve broken it down to three sections. The first are images and poetry of stillness, the second are of beauty and the third are symbolic of grace. It aligns with both my art and writing.

Facing the work, writing the book, painting from my soul, shaping words into poems expressive of the art deepens me. It nourishes and fulfills something, perhaps the life long yearning. The yearning to express, to create, to feel, to explore, to awaken, to listen from the heart, to touch through inspiration–all things that make me want to be here. Here with all the complexity and varying degrees of texture, color, sound and image expressing through me.

–genece hamby

#grace #writingabook #contemporaryart #birds #beauty #colors #genecehamby #sound #stillness #textures #digitalpainting

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