In Preparation

Amazingly, I’ve been fairly centered this week in preparation for an art showing this weekend. Each day, I’ve remained relaxed and calm instead of anxious and worried. It’s now time to pack up all the paintings and fine art prints in order to take them to the place my art is showing. Fortunately, I’ll be there to guide in the hanging of the paintings and setting things up. There is an art to placement — to creating the right atmosphere and environment for showing art.

I am finding a passion for the production and operation of an art showing as much as I love painting. It’s why I desire to open an art gallery within the next year. I really want a small, intimate gallery to showcase my work and other artists who stand for “stillness, beauty and grace” — there are several artists I know I’d be honored to display their work! And, I think that my business and branding/marketing background could help!

I’m putting it out there for the universe to hear and hopefully, answer! There’s a historic building in Edwardsville that is available for rent–one that every time I drive by, it calls out to me. It’s the perfect size and the perfect age for what I want — since I want to name the gallery “Wabi Sabi Gallery” — its historic age will be significant. Next week, I will tour the facility and then see what’s in the cards for me and this little ‘wabi sabi’ building.

–genece hamby

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