Into the Softness

Updated: Feb 25

into the softness falls gently beneath the water reflects everything

Into the Softness

I am uplifted by everything underneath that is reflected back to my soul. Outside my front door sits my artwork that has arrived for an upcoming art show. It’s been there over an hour. I’ve been deep in flow of a project and I’ve not wanted to break the momentum.

For years, I thought things had to be accomplished by being a task manager or by being always in a hurry to handle things. It always stressed me to operate from either of these modes! Perhaps I’m mellowing more as I age and becoming wiser about my time and psyche.

I don’t need to run outside the moment a package is delivered — it’s okay to remain centered on one thing, giving my full attention to what’s at hand. Feels good to be in this relaxed mode of work flow, enjoying each project one at a time.

–genece hamby

#digitalpainting #fineart #genecehamby #lotusflower

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