Just Peachy

Just Peachy

sensuous yearnings leave the heart ripened and juicy savors the sweetness

When I was finished with this juicy peach, I noticed that the painting needed something besides my signature dots but I couldn’t figure out what. That is until I opened the painting in Adobe Photoshop and voila! I stated playing with filters until I hit on the liquify filter. From there, it was magic!

I’m having fun working on my newest art collection. I’ve avoided painting still life for the past couple of years simply because I thought it would be too boring. On the contrary, I’m appreciating the details and striving to make everything appear as real as possible and yet, not.

As I progress as an artist, the details are bringing me greater joy. No longer is it enough to just do broad strokes of color. This past year I’d say I’ve grown most in the details that are making my art distinct in a unique style.

Oh the joy, oh the juiciness of my heart in constant sensuous yearnings, oh to the expressions that bust out from my soul!

–genece hamby

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