Life’s Lessons

Updated: Feb 25

Stepping Stones

Some people play their lessons over and over as if it were their favorite song. They play them to trigger old memories so they can relive their past while repeating the lesson. Depending upon the reality they create; they evade, criticize, rebel, condemn, become righteous, fill up with shame and guilt, and/or become a victim or a bully.

On the other hand, there are those who authentically complete their lessons. They learn to become more tolerant and compassionate, kinder, more understanding, and accepting of life’s happenings. They learn that whenever they decide to act with kindness, they are making the right decision. They’ve learned that if someone else is unkind or throws cruel words at them, they must live so that no one else will believe it. Even when seeking help, they know that entering into stillness is oftentimes more healing than words of advice.

Sadly most people “do time,” forgetting that “in time” all things must pass. They invest in their life’s lessons as victims of their own mind; a mind that consistently judges them or the rest of the world. This can create an interesting chain of lessons that cycle in and out of one’s being. Lessons that chase us up a tree, up stream, inside of the box, into a corner, at center stage, and deeper into our hearts in order to get our full attention.

Instead of embracing the concept of “doing time,” just think how much more powerful it is when we anchor ourselves to a “timeless” way of being and to something greater than our ego’s smallness. We turn our life’s lessons into golden opportunities instead of investing in the suffering that eventually turns into some form of punishment—either done to ourselves or to those around us.

Our soul records everything. It mirrors back to us what we feed and what we feel about ourselves. That’s why it’s best to learn from all of the lessons—the ones that are hard, scary, near death, painful, joyous, exciting, awakening, revealing, serious, funny, and of course, all real in our mind.

On the outside, you can actually see how people wear their life’s lessons. Some bodies are burdened with extra weight, others wear body scars and bruises or worn out faces that look sad, beaten and angry, while others show rigidity in their movements. With others who have relaxed more through their lessons, we might see the bliss of their hips rhythmically move as they walk, the curves of their smile and brightness of their eyes from the “aha” moments that brought them deeper peace or awakenings, or perhaps the lightness of their feet as they’ve learned to walk on coals that used to burn and broken shards of glass that used to cut.

Living through and mastering the more challenging of life’s lessons takes tremendous courage in order to face them, to hunt them down (they can be very slippery and tricky), to embrace their prickly textures and stinging bites, and to accept that each one holds something hidden that was buried by the moment. All lessons are created in our mind’s eye, stored in the cells of our bodies and in our emotional memory bank.

Lessons come from how we perceive our experiences and our beliefs. For example, if you believe that life is painful, you might allow others to knock you down, rob you of self-esteem, cheat you from opportunities, “get” what they wanted from you, and back you into a corner so “they” could win. And if you call yourself a “survivor,” you probably brush off the dirt, patch up the wounds and pull yourself back up onto the horse. No one is probably going to keep you down for long, including yourself. After all, you are a survivor!

I’ve come to some interesting conclusions about life’s lessons. Our egos falsely judge how we handle life, making it more difficult to learn what we need. Most of us are much harder on ourselves than we are on other people. To really learn the lessons that bring us inner peace and greater wisdom, we need to discover that we are designed to be more resilient and strong than we give ourselves credit.

Personally, nothing is as rewarding as discovering the seed of an equal or greater blessing in each lesson. It is fully embracing them head-on instead of mulling them over from an ivory tower of isolation or being immersed in a lot of “busy-ness” in pretense that we’ve mastered the course of life.

Life’s lessons become life’s blessings! We reap their benefits when we accept to learn them as they are offered to us. One by one, each lesson is meant to awaken our spirits so we remember who we are as divine beings. Wisdom becomes us when we allow our minds and emotions to live with an inner peace. We know the real meaning of our lessons because everything is the meaning we give it. It no longer is a scary thought. It is what allows us to experience this peace no matter what’s happening in life moment by moment.

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–genece hamby

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