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Living The Dream

As an artist, I have grown through the many layers of stillness, beauty and grace expressed as paintings, pattern design, poetry and reflective thoughts. My art has evolved over the years organically–it’s been a natural progression between image and word.

During the pandemic, I have shifted my art evolution once again. The new growth led me to making a few adjustments in how I create and what I create. Like many others, being home more, I’ve utilized a lot of time involved in a major project. In my case, it’s my home itself. It started with creating more space by reorganizing the closets and all other areas of the house that needed to be more “minimalist”. Less decorative items, less fashion clothing & accessories I don’t wear or use, less kitchen appliances, gadgets and even dishes (how many dish sets does one person really need?). The the focus was on replacing all of the furnishings for a fresh new décor and creating more of a fluid space.

The journey through clearing space surprisingly opened a desire for revisiting an old dream that I believe it’s time has come to be realized. That means once I’ve completed the rest of the home projects which now includes having outside work being done soon, I’ll be splitting my time starting 2022 between my home sanctuary and traveling when it feels safe enough.

I’m reviving the blog with a focus shifted more on my lifestyle as an artist which still includes all of my artistic and poetic creations. — genece hamby

–genece hamby

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