Soft on Soft

Soft on Soft

at the gold center petals of cream, soft on soft colors the palette

I’ve been playing with a new painting technique that can be done in Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter X and Corel PhotoPaint.

First, sketch a simple flower on a black background. I chose a magnolia for this painting. Next, using watercolor brush and white, paint the whole flower in small strokes (make sure you are doing strokes going in one direction — I tend to start my strokes from the top near the inner part of the flower). Add a different soft color in the center of the flower. I painted this center soft gold in tiny strokes to appear like pollen. I also added a few brush strokes of blue, green and olive around the flower making faint shapes like leaves.

Now, going back to working on the flower — layer on a few other soft colors in different places on the flower. For example, I used shades of pink, tan, gold and mint green. I did small strokes like Idid in white — only just a few of each color sporadically around the flower.

Here’s where it gets fun and you can really experiment. This definitely has to be done in Photoshop. Go to the menu bar and then to Filters and select Liquify. In small strokes again, pull the flower into a shape that appeals to you. You can even make tiny strokes in the center or circular motion to liquify the center as a swirl of color.

Once you’ve completely finished. There are a couple of things you can do to add dimension and depth. Remaining in Photoshop, you can go to Filters again and this time, select Artistic and then Watercolor. You can work with varying degrees of intensity and texture until you see what you like.

Or, you can close the file after Liquifying and open again in Corel Painter X, on menu bar select Effects and then select Surface Control and Apply Surface Texture. Adjust the lighting, texture and type of effect until you’ve reached desired look.

–genece hamby

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