Something’s Fishy!

I’m a part of a blogging community of artists and writers who are currently on a writing and art adventure we share through a common blog. The imagination and talent is vast and very diverse. Yesterday, I posted an imaginative piece about diving off the coast of Mudjimba (Old Woman Island) in Australia in search of exotic marine life.

Of course, my imagination got a little quirky. The more I worked on the little story, I realized I just had to capture what it visually. With the magic of Photoshop, I created several photo montages of the fish from down under!


Imagine my fright when I swam close to this “Lionfish”! He roared and I swam quickly behind a rock in fear of being bitten. Look at his teeth!


While swimming away from the lionfish, I came upon a “Surgeonfish” who said for me not to worry. If anything happened, he’d mend me (of course, for a FEE!)


Just as I told the surgeonfish, “No, thank you!”, an “Angelfish” appeared beside me to protect me. Together, we swam to another area where she said it was safer.


Safer — I’ll say! The angelfish led me over to meet her friend “Monkeyfish” who was playing with another fish. I couldn’t help laughing, I’d never seen a monkeyfish and was surprised how he looked JUST like a sock monkey!


The monkeyfish heard me laughing so thought I’d appreciate meeting his girlfriend, “Butterflyfish” — said she was better looking than him. I admit, she was quite beautiful!

Swimming back to shore, I thought to myself, “People are going to think there’s something fishy about this short story!” LOL!

–genece hamby

If you’d like to read the full story about the fish I posted, visit

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