Stand Tall

Stand Tall

stand tall in color quietly, the painting spoke four bottles listened It seems I’ve hardly painted since the holidays, especially over the past few weeks. My days have been hectic and evenings have just been playing catch up with other things that’s a part of daily life. If I’m going to meet the deadline for having the book complete and ready, guess it’s time to get back on track with the Still Life Collection. The goal is 25-35 paintings for the book. I’m at 10.

Today’s painting was stretching outside of fruit and veggies. It fits with a couple of others I’ve done in the collection that are either bottles or bowls. Not sure why I choose these kind of objects — something speaks to me and my creative muse takes over. I started this painting by first taking a digital photograph (got a digital camera for Christmas) then uploading the image and outlining it. After outlining it in Photoshop, I opened it in Corel Painter X and painted it using shades of red violet, purple and green.

–genece hamby

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