Still Mountains

Still Mountains

quietly, she walks into the blue still mountains crossing over time

by the broad brush strokes of the early morning light paints the other side

three lakes of color hide the keeper and volcano beneath the beauty

at the darkest hour birth occurs for the painter giving way to life

This painting was done using Corel Painter X watercolor brushes to create a brush painting effect. The haiku poem is of an imaginary place called Kerith …

Trekking towards the sanctuary of the goddess,  I arrive alone at the base of  mountains. On the other side is the three lakes where I will pause after a day of hiking in order to reflect and prepare to meet with the keeper of the volcano.

On my trek, each breath I take is for the words that fold, for the images that mold into something, into the beauty of a moment–a moment in the lining of color where time weaves and spins a fragile birth from the darkest hours.

The painter reaches deeper and pulls the beauty along the thread of existence and into time. Words run around and fall down into place as the image takes hold the rhythm of a gifted heart. No life is needed. No fear to awaken from. No profound thoughts. Only the singing birds in the distance carrying the colors safely to the palette.

— genece hamby

#corelpainterx #contemporaryart #kerith #singingbirds #stillmountains #digitalpainting #weavesandspins

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