Stillness in the Chaos

I am learning that stillness can exist even in the midst of demolition and construction of a home. In the middle of tearing down walls, sawing wood for frames, dirt and old plaster everywhere, bad wiring being rewired for safety, and having construction equipment and tools throughout the house, I am amazed at how peaceful and centered I’m remaining. Perhaps it is knowing that we’re opening up this little house originally built in 1908, which is giving it far more of a spacious feeling. It will go from a “boxy” house into an open floor plan that creates a large area for my art studio.

I’ve also been learning a lot about demolition and clean up (well, the demolition part is cool — however, clean up isn’t exactly fun.). My brother is teaching the ABC’s of building door frames, dry wall, and more. I’ve been allowed to participate in all aspects of the construction work which I’m finding great pleasure in doing.

Of course, the real test of how well I can maintain my center is that the house construction is going to take about two weeks before completed. This means I will have to live with the chaos in every room (one bedroom is literally loaded down with clothes from the closet that was in the room being opened up). If I can stay sane for the next 14 days, I’ll be very proud of myself. Especially, if I can do this without hurting myself (which I’ve already done once today during clean up when I whacked my bad ankle on a two by four that I tripped over).

All in all, stillness can exist anywhere, anytime as long as you open yourself to the flow of things and the acceptance that not every moment is or will be perfect.

— genece hamby

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