Striking Beauty

Updated: Feb 25

I sailed in. The sun warmed the nape of my neck and lit the sea and sky that blended into a background of high steep cliffs on three sides

closer to the shore double strings of fish strung by their gill and a flotilla of pleasure boats accompanied by leaping dolphins

added to the colorful landscape

looking up, I saw the tip top ridge, the sparkling white snow-like houses preserved streets, squares and walls

entombed in the solidified ash, the apex of volcanic memory even stone staircases still intact

Later, I gazed at a starless daytime sky

and marveled at the unique ‘scape’, the sea Santorini rippling down my spine here in this place of promise

And for now – it is all mine

— genece hamby

#digitalpainting #santorini #strikingbeauty

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