Will You Play With Me?

Will you play with me? Dance light on the sands of time with golden laughter and curious eyes take us on a journey of fun. Permit the sunshine to be our guide through the fields of grand passion

Will you play with me? Honor the freedom to express all that you feel and think. Yield to the fruits of a loving heart with humor touching the spirit. Accept the grace of wisdom and taste the magical zest for life.

Will you play with me? The sweetness of our soul lingering in the bliss of beauty. Trace lots of tender moments in the curve of our memories. Impress the vivid details of the rhythm we create together.

Will you play with me? Acknowledge the depth of flowing in the harmony of nature. Rejoice in the sensual blessings of sharing exotic visions. Carve the imagination as a gentle whisper and innocent chants of truth.

Will you play with me?

–genece hamby

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