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Gallery owner/artist Genece Hamby and Trish Frederick are sisters who have spent a lifetime having each other's back! More than sisters, best friends, their love and passion for creating art and being inspired by other artists led them to making Shibui Studio Art Gallery possible. Both have committed their resources, time and energy to bring the gallery to fruition.

genece hamby

"When you reach the heart of life, you will find beauty in everything.” --Kahlil Gibran. ​​


Genece Hamby (b. 1951, Alton, IL, USA) is a digital artist who lives and works in Gillespie, IL. She best expresses herself by giving outward form to inward feelings of stillness, beauty and grace. Genece is profoundly drawn to introduce a quiet, yet passionate brilliance of color and light. She gives way to the sensual, feeling self when fully realized in form that yearns to emerge as something beautiful and soulful.


As an artist, she loves the challenge of digital painting without the use of any photograph - or other image. Just like other paint mediums (acrylic, oil or watercolor, etc), she paints from a blank canvas only in a virtual platform. For her, it starts from the joy of playing with colors. “I don’t see a subject in the mind’s eye, I simply enjoy blending colors and allowing their relationship to intuitively guide me into creating shapes. Colors create energy and I’m moving that energy into something that becomes harmonious and balanced as art.”


In 2005, Genece began her journey as an artist and created Shibui Studio as her working space both online and offline. Shibui is a Japanese word that refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. Now, Shibui Studio has evolved into an art gallery located in Gillespie, IL with a passion for exhibiting contemporary art from local and regional artists,

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Webster Groves, MO

Wells Street Art Festival

Chicago, IL

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St. Joseph, MI

Aspen Art Festival

Aspen, CO

Boulder Art Festival

Boulder, CO

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Las Vegas, NV & Minneapolis, MN

Art Encounter
Las Vegas, NV

First Friday 

Las Vegas, NV

trish frederick

Trish Frederick is the sister of gallery owner, Genece Hamby. She is a self-taught artist with the daily discipline of learning new acrylic painting techniques. She paints for the pleasure of creating something that inspires her imagination and awakens the artist within her.

Prior to becoming an artist, Trish spent a big part of her life traveling the country with her husband. They loved discovering the mountains, the deserts, the wetlands...and the history of each of the places they visited. This has become most of the inspiration for her art.

Born in Alton, IL and then living in Las Vegas, NV for more than 20 years, Trish attended the University of Nevada. She also sold her custom jewelry designs online and on a television shopping network.

Currently, Trish and her husband=are retired living in historic St. Augustine, FL. She spends all of her free time painting and mastering the art of baking.

Her art can be seen through the St. Augustine Art Association art gallery.


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